About Us

Dalby Rural Supplies, in conjunction with Tobin Cherry, joined forces to purchase Dalgrains in July 2012.

Dalgrains was established 10 years prior, by Charlie Henry who had been heavily involved in the stockfeed industry for the previous 25 years.  As a result of this experience, Charlie had built an extensive client base trading and supplying grain for intensive livestock and other end users.

This experience, along with the support of the Dalby Rural Supplies team, is giving Dalgrains the edge. Growers can now buy the seed, grow the crop with agronomic advice and sell the grain, all with the one integrated team.  Dalgrains and Dalby Rural Supplies are complementary businesses with both having strong relationships with Darling Downs growers.

Dalgrains has progressed as a dominant trader in a mixture of grain commodities and cotton seed. With Tobin joining in January 2012 and his association with Agpro (one of Louis Dreyfus major cotton purchasing agents on the Downs), cotton purchasing has also become an integral part of Dalgrains portfolio.